Mizuno Pro 225 Black, 5-GW, Dynamic Gold 105 Black Onyx, Stiff


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The second generation of Mizuno’s staggering Hot Metal Blade – and the most playable of the Mizuno Pro series available for the first time ever in a striking BLACK color. More compact than the original with a revised CORTECH multi-thickness face for even quicker ball speeds. Equally effective as a long / mid-iron alternative for elite players or a complete set for low to mid handicaps. Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima, Japan, with a soft copper underlay for a uniquely satisfying Mizuno sensation at impact.

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  • Grain Flow Forged Chromoly: Our strongest Forged material with the solid, soft consistent feel of Grain Flow Forged
  • Harmonic Impact Technology: Fine tuned head geometry delivers ideal impact feel and feedback
  • Copper Underlay: Thin copper layer beneath a nickel chrome to provide a further enhanced impact feel
  • Hot Metal Blade Design: Grain Flow Forged 4135 Chromoly face and neck (2-8 iron) combined with COR Forged Hollow Body.
  • Hybrid Muscle Back: A high performance hollow body hybrid structure is formed by utilizing a Grain Flow Forged Chromoly Face and neck part, fused to multi-material body
  • Multi-Material Construction: Strategically positioned exotic materials to help optimize launch and forgiveness
  • Hollow Body Construction : Achieves optimized weighting through multi-piece construction
  • 1025 Mild Carbon Steel: Soft mild carbon steel for an incredibly soft feel
  • NEW Multi-thickness CORTECH Face: Refined to maximize the return from Mizuno’s Beta Titanium face. Ball speeds most noticeably increased, on the bottom of the face.
ModelLengthSwing WeightLoftLie AngleBounceOffset
2 Iron39.5″D216.5°59°0″.150″
3 Iron39.0″D219°59.5°0″.142″
4 Iron38.5″D221.5°60°1″.138″
5 Iron38.0″D224°60.5°1″.134″
6 Iron37.5″D227°61°2″.130″
7 Iron37.0″D230°61.5°3″.122″
8 Iron36.5″D234°62°4″.114″
9 Iron36.0″D239°62.5°5″.106″

True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 Black Onyx .355" Steel Iron Shafts - The GolfWorks


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